Anilo Carbon

White Carbon Fiber Lume Ring

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About The Ring

This ring is handcrafted from cross cut carbon aerospace grade carbon fiber with our own Super Lume that glows ultra bright. It's the perfect daily wear ring. Carbon fiber during the day with a pop of color in the dark. The ring is 1/4" wide and is hand made in house by us. 

About Our Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest and lightest weight material on the planet. It is strong, durable and it is so lightweight you'll barely know it's there. We use a special carbon fiber that is used in the aerospace industry and we cross cut it from a solid plate which give the carbon fiber the distinct waves that bounce off the light. The carbon fiber we use has zero voids and has a proprietary resin that is more resistant to scuffing. It's better than anything else out there. 

About Our Super Lume

We develop our own lume in house. We've found that we can make it glow brighter and longer than anyone else we've compared it to. We believe that is due to a special resin we use and the ultra high concentration of glow material we saturate in it. We spare no expense on this and we do not simply put in glow material until the resin is sufficient. We go above and beyond that. We saturate it until it cannot contain anymore glow powder. We pack it in there so it glows brighter and longer. 

How it works

Our super lume material charges automatically in sunlight. 10-15 seconds in sunlight and the ring will be fully charged and illuminate when you enter a dark room. In addition, you can charge it with a uv or black light, put it very close to a bright lamp or even use your cell phone LED. Car headlights will even do it in many cases.