About Us

About Carbon Fiber

     Carbon fiber is a space-age material that is used in basically everything that's cool, such as planes, cars, rockets, etc. This is because carbon fiber is tough (tuff). Its properties include, high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. That basically means that it weighs next to nothing while it can withstand a lot of pressure and heat. We make our rings out of this stuff because it looks awesome, weighs nothing, and will last longer than normal rings.

About Me

     Hi I'm Dallin and I'm the founder of Anilo Carbon. I started this company while I was living in Utah studying aerospace engineering. That was last year. I now live in Gilbert, Arizona and I have learned a lot since then.

     I originally started doing this because I just really love carbon fiber and I had already been making these rings in the past few years with my brother, Tyler. I just thought, what if I sold these things myself? I mean, the rings that I make are sweet! I can do more than just make them for family and friends. I want the whole world to see my creations, and as time has progressed so has my skill and quality. I am now an expert ring maker and I'm just a guy with a weird obsession and passion for carbon fiber and cool materials like it. I hope you love our rings as much as I do.