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Anilo Carbon

Solid Carbon Fiber Titanium Inlay

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About the Ring

This is an extremely unique ring. It is made with unidirectional carbon fiber wound and shaped with a generous amount of comfort fitting. The ring is nearly as light as paper yet stronger than steel. It is crafted by hand with precision and includes a satin finished titanium inlay. Overall, it is the perfect combination of a low profile and ultra modern ring. 

About the Materials

Carbon fiber and titanium are hypoallergenic and people with traditional metal allergies can wear these rings. Carbon Fiber and titanium are both space aged materials and are known for their incredible strength and lightweight properties. It's truly a perfect combination of materials for a ring. 

About the Design

We use this design because it is a new spin on a traditional design. The offset single stripe design has been around for ages, but just recently with space aged carbon fiber and titanium.