New Rings!

disclaimer: I ramble a bit in this. It's basically a summary of what I've been doing in the carbon fiber world for the past few months

Need new material

Recently, I've been in kind of a slump when it comes to getting new ring material. I have been making glow blocks and simple carbon fiber sheets for a while and have been using the bare minimum amount of supplies to keep operating. I ran out of Carbon Fusion material a long time ago which was our most popular ring by far. I need to make some more of that.

What I have been up to

I have also been working on several other projects that prevented me from creating more material for Anilo. The biggest project I undertook was creating Phoenix Carbon Fiber Ukuleles which is currently on hold. I spent over a year prototyping and when it came down to the wire when I launched my Kickstarter,  I still wasn't ready and my campaign flopped. Don't get me wrong, I got backers alright. People from all over the country pledged $500 bucks for one of my Ukes! However, it wasn't enough.

The real reason I failed was because my prototype ukuleles were not up to par with a real professional instrument. This was due to the fact that I need money for high quality molds, tools, materials, etc... If you are familiar with how carbon fiber parts are mass produced, you should know how much stuff and know-how is required. I hadn't yet developed an instrument that sounded spectacular and captured the sound of carbon. I had many talented and prominent ukulele players contact me to review my product, but I couldn't deliver. All in all, the very reason I started the Kickstarter (i.e. to make production worthy ukuleles)  was the very reason I failed.

Skur Composites

I didn't ask or tell Skur Composites I was going to write this... whoops. But it's all good things so screw it. I found Skur Composites a few months back when my previous supplier sent me an informal cease and desist letter about making my own glow in the dark carbon fiber material. I searched to see if anyone else was making it to find a new supplier and to prove that this type of carbon fiber is not trademarked nor patented. Sure enough I found Skur Composites who makes glow in the dark carbon fiber plates (not just rings like me). He told me he had been told to cease his production as well.

After the potential legal issues had blown over, I decided it was time for me to buy some of his awesome material. I had just run out of carbon fusion ring material and was too busy to make anymore so his shop was the obvious choice after my falling out with my previous supplier. I bought the Triton and Thunderstruck material and the rest is history.

Here's a link to his site for all y'all DIY makers:

If you've made it this far bien hecho. 

Nos Vemos!