Anilo Carbon

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post so I thought I'd just introduce myself and Anilo Carbon a little bit. 

My name is Dallin, I am the founder of Anilo, and I live in Arizona in the United States. I love it here. I love making carbon fiber rings. I have basically lived here my entire life except for a few years I lived in Mexico and I spent some time in Utah. I'm studying... still. My major is aerospace engineering and rocket science is also a passion of mine. 

Right now I operate this business. Anilo Carbon Fiber. A lot of people ask me how to pronounce the name of this company so I'm just gonna clarify it is, uh-nil-oh, Anilo. I derived this from the spanish word anillo for ring because I'm also bilingual in english and spanish.

Anyway, we're going on our first year of business and I was hoping to have more designs by now, but we're getting there. It's actually going a lot better than I had previously imagined that it would.

Well this was my first blog post. I hope you liked it. Mic drop... or something.